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Customer is globally acclaimed for providing care through highly qualified and dedicated doctors, medical professionals, and staff. They use advanced clinical technology and provide the highest standards of patient care and service to over 600,000 people.


Our team meticulously addressed each of the customer’s challenges, proposing and implementing a digital transformation to enable their processes in the cloud. This comprehensive solution included hands-on support and refresher training for the key users’ team. In a proactive approach, we also tackled the customer’s resource challenges to ensure the project stayed on track.

1. Our team collaborated with the customer’s team to validate and organize Kronos data, offering customized solutions for payroll costing and tax reporting tailored to specific employees.

2. The intricate integration of Kronos Time and Attendance was successfully executed.

3. We streamlined the benefits enrollment process, consolidating it onto a single platform with vendor integration within the ERP.


We integrated essential modules from the Oracle Cloud suite into our ERP processes, yielding several business benefits:

1. A notable reduction in overall operation time and a significant return on investment (ROI).

2. Given the consolidation of key modules within the same suite of Oracle Cloud applications, encompassing payroll, benefits, and HR, there was no need for individual integration. This streamlined approach led to a substantial decrease in interface implementation time.

3. The challenge of managing multiple systems was overcome by adopting a unified Oracle Cloud system. Our Oracle Learning Cloud implementation centralized the management of all courses and certifications, streamlining data flow to minimize manual user intervention. This Oracle implementation enabled employees to enroll without the need to contact multiple vendors.

4. We introduced an electronic process for compensation and performance through Oracle, aiming to reduce user efforts and enhance transparency for all stakeholders. Additionally, Oracle Recruiting Cloud automated data flow, simplifying the recruiting process.


We introduced Oracle HCM Cloud into the customer’s IT infrastructure, enhancing their capabilities in employee recruitment, onboarding, and retention processes. The implementation of the Oracle Cloud solution suite granted them access to diverse modules, enabling the measurement of employee performance through a dynamic and centralized system.


By leveraging Oracle Learning, the customer could craft personalized digital learning experiences securely, providing valuable upskilling opportunities for their employees.

We seamlessly integrated the customer’s existing JD Edwards application with Oracle HCM Cloud, empowering them with a comprehensive real-time view of data. This integration facilitated swift interoperability between heterogeneous systems, presenting data in an easily understandable format and supporting data-driven decision-making. The integrated data covered various aspects, including employee demographics, work structure details, payment methods, salary details, pay slips, and more. Oracle HCM unified all data sources for the organization, facilitating timely report generation and further optimization of business processes.


Leveraging Oracle HCM Cloud, the customer achieved precise tracking of workforce and business goals, allowing for the strategic alignment of organizational strategies, and preventing misalignment. The platform empowered them to design employee benefit programs, fostering satisfaction across the entire organization. Integrations facilitated by Oracle HCM improved overall process accuracy, providing administrators with enhanced control.

The seamless integration between the JD Edwards application and Oracle HCM ensured a fluid data flow between the systems. This integration resulted in the generation of detailed reports that offered store-level visibility, enabling comprehensive insights into the organization’s operations. Employees benefited from a clear view of the benefits enrollment process, completing it with ease and efficiency.


Growth Together

Oracle Cloud HCM needs was a strategic decision that has significantly improved our HR processes. The team's in-depth knowledge and commitment to excellence have made the implementation process seamless. We now have a modern and efficient HCM system that supports our growing organization.
Oracle Cloud HCM solutions have brought efficiency and innovation to our HR practices. The team's responsiveness and ability to adapt to our evolving requirements have made ValueVerse a trusted ally in our digital transformation journey
Their expertise in Payroll has allowed us to manage our workforce seamlessly. The team's responsiveness, coupled with their extensive knowledge of Oracle Cloud, has made the entire implementation process a success.
We are incredibly pleased with the Oracle Cloud HCM solutions provided by ValueVerse. The payroll module has simplified our payroll processing, making it more efficient and error-free.


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    403 Times Square, Thaltej-Shilaj road. Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 380059, India.
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