Our Oracle HCM Fusion Application solutions revolutionize the way organizations manage their human capital. With our comprehensive HCM module, you can streamline all aspects of your HR processes. From recruitment and onboarding to performance management and talent development, our solutions provide a unified platform to effectively manage your workforce. Gain real-time visibility into employee data, automate workflows, and ensure compliance with HR policies and regulations. Empower your HR team and managers with intuitive self-service tools, enabling them to focus on strategic initiatives and employee engagement. With our HCM solutions, you can create a culture of continuous growth and drive organizational success.


Some of the key components of HCM solutions include:

Oracle Financials Cloud:

This is a core module that covers various financial processes, including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and fixed assets. It provides a unified and integrated platform for managing financial transactions.

Oracle Procurement Cloud:

This module focuses on procurement processes, helping organizations manage purchasing, supplier negotiations, and supplier relationships efficiently.

Oracle Risk Management Cloud:

Addresses risk and compliance management, helping organizations identify, assess, and mitigate risks while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Global HR:

Our Global HR module within Oracle HCM Fusion Application enables organizations to manage their global workforce efficiently. Streamline your HR operations across geographies, comply with local regulations, and maintain a unified view of your employees worldwide. From managing employee records and contracts to handling global transfers and expatriate assignments, our Global HR solutions provide the tools you need to effectively manage your global workforce, ensuring compliance, and driving operational excellence.

Absence Management:

Our Absence Management module simplifies and automates the management of employee leaves and absences. From sick leaves and vacations to parental and personal leaves, our solutions provide a centralized platform to track, manage, and report on employee absences. Streamline leave requests, automate approval workflows, and ensure accurate absence tracking. With comprehensive absence analytics and reporting, gain insights into leave patterns, manage workforce capacity, and ensure optimal staffing levels.

Oracle Time and Labor:

Efficiently manage employee time tracking, attendance, and labor costs with our Oracle Time and Labor module. Our solutions automate time capture, enable flexible time entry methods, and ensure accurate calculation of hours worked. From managing shifts and schedules to tracking overtime and leave balances, our Time and Labor solutions provide comprehensive tools for workforce management. Gain real-time visibility into labor costs, improve payroll accuracy, and optimize resource allocation to enhance operational efficiency.

Talent Management:

Empower your organization to attract, develop, and retain top talent with our Talent Management module. From recruitment and onboarding to performance management and succession planning, our solutions provide a holistic approach to talent management. Streamline your hiring process, identify and nurture high-potential employees, and align performance goals with organizational objectives. With comprehensive talent analytics, gain insights into employee performance, identify skill gaps, and implement targeted development initiatives to drive workforce excellence.


Simplify and streamline your payroll processes with our Oracle Payroll module. Our solutions provide end-to-end payroll processing capabilities, ensuring accurate and timely payments to your employees. From managing wage calculations and tax deductions to handling statutory compliance and reporting, our Payroll solutions automate complex payroll tasks. With built-in payroll controls, you can ensure compliance with local regulations and reduce payroll errors. Gain real-time visibility into payroll costs, generate comprehensive reports, and enhance employee satisfaction with accurate and timely payroll processing.

Learning Management:

Invest in the growth and development of your workforce with our Learning Management module. Our solutions provide a comprehensive platform for delivering and tracking employee training and development programs. Whether it’s compliance training, skill development, or leadership programs, our Learning Management solutions enable you to create and deliver engaging learning content. Track employee progress, measure learning effectiveness, and facilitate continuous learning and knowledge sharing within your organization.


Streamline your employee benefits administration with our Benefits module. Our solutions simplify the enrollment, management, and communication of employee benefit programs. From health insurance and retirement plans to flexible spending accounts and wellness initiatives, our Benefits solutions provide a centralized platform to manage and administer employee benefits. Automate open enrollment processes, ensure compliance with benefit regulations, and provide employees with self-service access to their benefit information.

Help Desk:

Enhance employee satisfaction and streamline HR service delivery with our Help Desk module. Our solutions enable efficient handling of employee inquiries, requests, and issue resolution. With a centralized help desk system, you can track and manage employee tickets, automate workflows, and provide timely and personalized support. Improve response times, ensure consistent service levels, and empower employees with self-service options to resolve common HR-related queries.

Workforce Compensation:

Effectively manage and administer employee compensation with our Workforce Compensation module. Our solutions provide a comprehensive platform to design, implement, and manage compensation programs. From salary planning and incentive management to merit-based rewards and bonuses, our Workforce Compensation solutions enable you to align compensation strategies with performance and business objectives. Gain insights into compensation trends, ensure fairness and equity, and motivate and retain top talent within your organization.

Roles and Security:

Ensure the security and integrity of your Oracle HCM Fusion Application with our Roles and Security module. Our solutions provide robust user access controls, ensuring that employees have appropriate access rights based on their roles and responsibilities. With granular security settings, you can define and enforce data privacy and confidentiality. Protect sensitive HR data, prevent unauthorized access, and ensure compliance with data security regulations.


Growth Together

Oracle Cloud HCM needs was a strategic decision that has significantly improved our HR processes. The team's in-depth knowledge and commitment to excellence have made the implementation process seamless. We now have a modern and efficient HCM system that supports our growing organization.
Oracle Cloud HCM solutions have brought efficiency and innovation to our HR practices. The team's responsiveness and ability to adapt to our evolving requirements have made ValueVerse a trusted ally in our digital transformation journey
Their expertise in Payroll has allowed us to manage our workforce seamlessly. The team's responsiveness, coupled with their extensive knowledge of Oracle Cloud, has made the entire implementation process a success.
We are incredibly pleased with the Oracle Cloud HCM solutions provided by ValueVerse. The payroll module has simplified our payroll processing, making it more efficient and error-free.


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    403 Times Square, Thaltej-Shilaj road. Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 380059, India.
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