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The key to success for any industry who relies on Supply Chain Management is to have a solution which is robust and can provide dependable outcomes in response to constantly evolving demand, supply and market situations.

We at Valueverse ERP can help manufacturers with Supply Chain Management which involves providing solutions and support to optimize various processes, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance overall visibility and control.

Oracle provides a comprehensive suite of Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions that help organizations manage their end-to-end supply chain processes efficiently.


Some of the key components of Oracle SCM solutions include:

Oracle Financials Cloud:

This is a core module that covers various financial processes, including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and fixed assets. It provides a unified and integrated platform for managing financial transactions.

Oracle Procurement Cloud:

This module focuses on procurement processes, helping organizations manage purchasing, supplier negotiations, and supplier relationships efficiently.

Oracle Risk Management Cloud:

Addresses risk and compliance management, helping organizations identify, assess, and mitigate risks while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Oracle Supply Chain Planning:

Helps organizations optimize their supply chain by providing tools for demand planning, supply planning, and inventory optimization.

Oracle Procurement Cloud:

Streamlines procurement processes, automates supplier negotiations, and helps manage supplier relationships.

Oracle Order Management:

Enables organizations to efficiently process and fulfill customer orders while optimizing order promising and fulfillment.

Oracle Logistics Cloud:

Manages transportation and logistics operations, including transportation planning, execution, and freight payment.

Oracle Product Lifecycle Management (PLM):

Supports product development and innovation by managing the entire product lifecycle from concept to end-of-life.

Oracle Manufacturing Cloud:

Supports manufacturing processes, including production planning, shop floor execution, and quality management.

Oracle Inventory Management:

Optimizes inventory levels, reduces carrying costs, and improves overall supply chain efficiency.

Oracle Demand Management:

Helps organizations understand and forecast customer demand, facilitating better demand planning.

Oracle Global Trade Management:

Manages global trade operations, including compliance with trade regulations, customs processes, and documentation.

Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud:

Optimizes warehouse operations by improving inventory accuracy, order fulfillment efficiency, and overall warehouse performance.

Oracle IoT Applications for Supply Chain:

Integrates Internet of Things (IoT) data to provide real-time insights into supply chain operations.

Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning:

Offers advanced capabilities for supply chain optimization, scenario modeling, and what-if analysis.

Oracle SCM solutions are part of Oracle Cloud Applications, providing the benefits of cloud-based deployment, scalability, and continuous updates.


Growth Together

Oracle Cloud HCM needs was a strategic decision that has significantly improved our HR processes. The team's in-depth knowledge and commitment to excellence have made the implementation process seamless. We now have a modern and efficient HCM system that supports our growing organization.
Oracle Cloud HCM solutions have brought efficiency and innovation to our HR practices. The team's responsiveness and ability to adapt to our evolving requirements have made ValueVerse a trusted ally in our digital transformation journey
Their expertise in Payroll has allowed us to manage our workforce seamlessly. The team's responsiveness, coupled with their extensive knowledge of Oracle Cloud, has made the entire implementation process a success.
We are incredibly pleased with the Oracle Cloud HCM solutions provided by ValueVerse. The payroll module has simplified our payroll processing, making it more efficient and error-free.


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    403 Times Square, Thaltej-Shilaj road. Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 380059, India.
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